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Welcome to Salmark HVAC -
Your Trusted Source for Financing Options

At Salmark HVAC, we understand that HVAC system upgrades and installations can be a significant investment. That's why we are dedicated to helping our customers find suitable financing options to make their projects more accessible and affordable. We are proud to partner with Hearth, a leading provider of financing solutions.

Multiple Lenders, Multiple Financing Options:

Through our partnership with Hearth, we have access to a network of 17 reputable lenders. This allows us to offer a variety of financing options to meet your specific needs. Whether you're looking for a personal loan or a credit card, our team will work with you to explore the best financing solutions available.

Simple Pre-Qualification Process:

To make the financing process as seamless as possible, Hearth offers a simple pre-qualification process that takes less than 2 minutes. This preliminary step does not impact your credit score, giving you the peace of mind to explore your options without any commitment.

Personalized Options:

Hearth's lending partners understand that every customer has unique financial circumstances. That's why they provide personalized financing options tailored to your needs. Whether you require flexible repayment terms, competitive interest rates, or specific loan amounts, we will work closely with you to identify the best options available.

Why Choose Financing with Salmark HVAC?

Convenient and Accessible:

Our financing options make it easier for you to proceed with your HVAC project without straining your budget. You can enjoy the comfort and benefits of an upgraded system while spreading the cost over time.


Competitive Rates:

Through our extensive network of lenders, we strive to find competitive interest rates and favorable terms. Our goal is to help you secure financing that aligns with your financial goals and offers value for your investment.

Simplified Process:

We understand that navigating the financing process can be overwhelming. That's why we've partnered with Hearth to offer a streamlined and user-friendly experience. Our team will guide you through the steps, ensuring clarity and transparency at every stage.

Flexibility and Choice:

With multiple financing options available, you have the flexibility to choose the solution that best suits your preferences and financial situation. We are here to provide guidance and support in selecting the option that aligns with your needs.

Take the Next Step:

Ready to explore financing options for your HVAC project? Contact our team at Salmark HVAC today. We will walk you through the process, answer any questions you may have, and help you find the best financing solution for your needs. Achieve your HVAC goals with ease and convenience through our trusted financing services.

Note: Financing options are subject to approval by the respective lenders and their terms and conditions. Salmark HVAC acts solely as an intermediary and is not responsible for the final financing decisions made by the lenders.


  • Will filling out the prequalification form affect my credit score?
    No, when you complete the prequalification form, lenders perform a "soft" credit inquiry. This allows you to compare lender offerings without affecting your credit score.
  • Can I payback my loan early without penalties?
    Yes, all 17 of our lenders have no pre-payment fees which means you can pay back your loan before the end of its term at no additional cost.
  • What is the difference between secured and unsecured loans?
    An unsecured loan is not linked to a specific piece of property ("collateral") that the borrower agrees to give to the lender if the borrower does not pay back the loan. A secured loan, in contrast, always has some form of collateral, like a car or a house of which the lender can take possession in the event of default.
  • How is APR determined for prequalified offers?
    Lenders look at many factors, including as your credit history, current debt-to-income ratio, your income, and your expenses in assessing your creditworthiness.
  • How soon will I get my money after my loan is approved?
    You can usually expect to receive your money in as little as 1-5 business days.
  • What is the minimum loan amount?
    In most states, the minimum loan amount is $1,000, but we recommend requesting at least $2,000, as several of Hearth’s lenders only make loans of $2,000 or greater
  • I'm not sure when my project will begin. If I take out a loan, can I delay the funding?
    Most of our lenders do not offer delayed funding, but please confirm with your chosen lender. For instance, at least one Hearth lender allows you to schedule the deposit 45 days after approval.
  • Can I finance more or less than the exact cost of my project?
    Yes, of course! Hearth’s offers page will display a range of loan options, so you can choose to finance a lesser amount, the exact amount, or a higher amount so you can get the project and payments that best suit you.
  • When is a good time to add a co-borrower to my loan request?
    Consider adding a co-borrower if you do not qualify for a loan or would like to see possibly lower APRs. You and the co-borrower would both sign the loan agreement and be liable for the loan
  • Will I need to verify my income?
    Yes, Hearth’s lending partners require that applicants provide information to prove the source of the income they state.
  • If I don't see offers, can I try again with a co-borrower?
    Yes, if you did not see offers, you can fill out the pre-qualification form again and add a co-borrower. Adding a co-borrower may help you qualify for a loan or qualify for lower interest rates.
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